With the tight schedule at the Wyndham and a host of compounding problems, Triangle Roofing responded with a positive attitude and effective actions. Would we ever have Triangle bid again? Probably not… we’d just persuade our client to negotiate a contract and put them to work immediately!

Phillip Rinaldi,
Architect, Tasso Katselas Associates

When Triangle does a job, we know it will be done properly, and that the building owner’s needs will be met. We trust them

Michael L. Cogburn,
Architect, Senior Consultant, Arnold Associates, Inc.

Triangle does all of my roofing. Why? Best quality, best price, and absolute dependability.

Phil Yoder,
Facilities Manager, SuperValu, Pittsburgh Distribution Center

Triangle coordinated with the Day Care Center, planned their work meticulously, and did great work. I use them because of this and their responsiveness

Jack West,
RISCO (Roof Inspection, Service & Consulting)

When we asked Triangle to do the job, neither they nor we knew exactly what to expect when they started removing layers. They responded extremely well, handled everything perfectly, and delivered a finished job when we needed it.

Walt Lehman,
Director of Buildings & Grounds, Hempfield Area School District